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"Twas the Night: Christmas Dream-like Story" - a bookwrap




* Ages:  3-10

* Grade Level:  PS-4

* Length:  32 pages

* Publisher:  Fontreal 

* Pub. Date:  Nov. 19, 2020

* Language:  English


"Twas the Night by Marin Darmonkow is a remarkable book.  It doesn't tell a story; it shows a story.  The lack of words is the strength of this book because every page elicits an emotional response. I loved this book. 

- Helen Combe,

"Twas the Night; it is a children's book in a unique format.  Young children can definitely let their imaginations run free with this book and it would be a good tool to use for teachers or parents to encourage children to verbalize their thoughts and feelings. 

- Gisela Dixon,'s quite probable that the story will be none they (the readers) have read or experienced before.


Unwrapping Some Illustrations for You

The Book

This is a beautiful heartfelt story about a handicapped boy in a wheelchair who discovers an injured dove on the street.  He tenderly picks it up and takes it home to see if he can take care of it.  He bandages its wound and feeds it daily. He longs for it to become well  so it can take to the sky once again.  

This wordless picture book sparks kid's imaginations as they become the author and can make up the story as the pictures dictate.  As the boy tends to the vulnerable little bird he dreams of being able to soar high in the sky too with the dove and experience the feeling of freedom.  He would love to throw away his crutches and take flight finally rescued from his iron prison.    

The illustrations are very well done full of emotion and love.  The subliminal message is DREAM BIG!  The boy's dream becomes a reality.  I love who magically appears at the end of book to cheer him on.  A lovely story that will spark conversations of: dreams, kindness, disabilities, and exploring emotions.  This is book #5 in the 2GETHER picture book collection. Highly recommended. 

Storywraps Rating - HUGS! 


Meet the Author / Illustrator

A long time ago Marin was a child.  He was one year old when his father passed away.  His mother remarried and Marin was raised by his loving (but strict) grandparents.  He learned to read and write long before he went to school.  Books became his imaginary parents and his fictional friends.  Marin studied nuclear physics, art, and literature. He owned an advertising agency for many years.  Oh, a few more things: he does not drive, he does not drink carbonated beverages, he has never consumed food from fast-food restaurants, he does not have a mobile phone, he had never used legal or illegal drugs, and he has never visited his GP ( much to the disapproval of his wife).  He started his small publishing house FONTREAL ( children's picture books) in 2016.  Marin lives with his family on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean - in St. John's NL, Canada. 

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