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"James' Reading Rescue" - a bookwrap



James' Reading Rescue

Authored by Dianna Wilson-Sirkovsky

Illustrated by Sara Casilda


* Reading Age:  6-8 years

* Grade Level:  1-3

* Publisher:  Clavis Publication

* Pub. Date:  October 5, 2021

* Language:  English 



This book will help children learn that hard work and practice do pay off and that not everyone (in this case, the shelter animals) will be judgmental about our weaknesses in life. In addition, it will also teach readers about compassion and friendship.

  • School Library Connection: Kristen Jayska, Children's/YA Librarian, Livonia Public Library, Livonia, Michigan

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for you



The Book

Hurray!  A book that marries two of my favourite things: animals and reading!  So right away this heartwarming book was a winner for me. 

I love that a little boy, named James, who is struggling with decoding and understanding words in a book takes it upon himself to work hard, practise reading aloud daily, and conquers his feelings of  inadequacy and shame.  Each day after school he stops off at the local cat rescue shelter and his reading buddy becomes a cat named Ghost.  Ghost initially hides at the bottom of his box and hisses at James. James perseveres and returns again and again to read and hopefully bond with Ghost.  

One day James returns to the shelter to grace Ghost with a personalized storytime and discovers that Ghost is gone.  Where, oh where, could his favourite cat be?  A lovely surprise awaits the reader at the end of the book as James discovers that kindness and perseverance can reap glorious unexpected rewards.  I love how James' parents were so in tune with his much improved reading journey.  How lucky for their son and how special is that? 

The illustrations are wonderful and James ( and Ghost ) are adorable characters that kids will fall in love with.  This book lends itself to a perfect read aloud as the language is simple and the message is powerful... kindness, selflessness and never giving up really do pay off!  This book would be an asset not only to parents but in classrooms,  school libraries, and especially to kids.  I highly recommend it!  Kudos to "James' Reading Rescue" wrapped in hugs!  


Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!! 


Meet the Author

Dianna Wilson-Sirkovsky's life has always been filled with books and cats, passions learned from her Grandma Marg and her mother, Isabel. She renewed her love for picture books while reading to her children, inspiring her to write and share stories of her own later in life. Her family and herself are deeply committed to animal rescue and the ethical treatment of all animals. They had nine beloved rescue cats that shared their lives for many years. She works as a senior administrator at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where she lives with her husband David, who shares great ideas for stories and is her sounding board. Her daughter Laura (who has five rescue cats) gives her great support and honest critiques of her writing! Her son Garrett (with one rescue cat) is a magnet for cats – they are drawn to him like catnip! She takes great pleasure in writing children’s stories inspired by true events, imagination, and the joy of adventure and discovery.

About the Illustrator

Sara Casilda received a Higher Technician in Graphic Arts and Design in Illustration and also a Bachelor of Arts at the School of Arts and Crafts in Toledo. She did an internship at the newspaper "La Tribuna" in Toledo, where they published the illustration "La Custodia" for Corpus Day in 2014 on the cover of its special edition. The passion for the arts led her to a professional career through various disciplines such as illustration, graphic design, muralism, photography ... Dreaming of embracing, in addition, painting, writing, and traditional and digital animation. The classic and children's editorial illustration, with touches of fantasy and imagination, fascinated her since she was a child. In 2018 she entered the editorial field as an illustrator with the illustrated album 'Naar bed, naar bed', which was a finalist in the KeyColours 2018 competition. Her work is mainly artisan. She uses charcoal, graphite, watercolors, colored pencils ... and she ends up with some digital touches for editing. She loves and values nature in all its being. She is committed to the care and leads a lifestyle that is as conscientious and consistent as possible. From food to the materials she works with every day.

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