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Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 6-8 - various bookwraps


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Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 6 – 8

Janssen Bradshaw

In her pre-child life, Janssen was an elementary school librarian. Now she stays home with her four little girls and is constantly maxing out her library card with picture books, cookbooks, and young adult novels. She’s anxiously counting down the days until her girls are old enough to read the Little House on the Prairie books. You can find Janssen over on her blog, Everyday Reading, where she celebrates modern motherhood with a practical twist.

"I  love encouraging my family and friends to read more — and what better way to do it than by giving them an excellent book during the holiday season?

Finding the right book for emerging readers is essential, and luckily, there are many terrific titles to pick from. Here are some books worth looking into for upcoming gift-giving!"


MasterChef Junior Bakes!

by MasterChef Junior, foreword by Christina Tosi

Calling all junior bakers! This MasterChef Junior Bakes cookbook is jam-packed with sweet and savory recipes easy enough for chefs of all skill levels. With over 100 recipes, step-by-step instructions, tips, and beautiful images, this cookbook will set your little baker up for sucess!

The 1619 Project: Born on the Water

by Nikole Hannah-Jones and RenΓ©e Watson, illustrated by Nikkolas Smith

A school assignment to complete a family tree becomes difficult for a young girl when she can only trace back three generations. Her grandma steps in and explains the blank spots on their family chart. 400 years earlier, slave traders captured their ancestors and brought them to the United States. Written in verse, this picture book opens the eyes of young readers to the different origins people can have.


Rebel Girls Stick Together: A Sticker-by-Number Book

by Rebel Girls

Is there a young feminist in your life who loves crafts as much as they love learning about extraordinary women in history? If so, this is the book for them. The first half of the book features brief biographies on activists, artists, and athletes from all over the world, while the second half includes gorgeous sticker puzzles for readers to complete. Featuring women like Amelia Earhart, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Simone Biles, Frida Kahlo, and more, this book will inspire young readers.

I Really Dig Pizza!

by Candy James

Two fox friends, Archie and Reddie, are all about having fun together! When Archie finds a delicious cheese pizza in the forest, he decides to keep it all to himself and buries it in a deep hole. But when Reddie finds the freshly turned dirt, she wants to find out what’s underneath it. This clever early graphic novel series is perfect for growing readers and fans of Mo Willems.

Astronomy Activity Book for Kids

by Aurora Lipper, illustrated by Victoria Stebleva

Do you have an outer space lover? Astronomy Activity Book for Kids is an interactive journey through space with fun facts, connect-the-dots, seek-and-finds, and a variety of puzzles to complete. With plenty of stargazing activities and easy-to-read text, young astronomers will have a blast with this fun-filled book.

Tide Pool Troubles

by Ashlyn Anstee

Dust off your detective cap because Shelby and Watts are back with another environmental mystery to solve. With seashells mysteriously disappearing and hermit crabs fretting, Shelby and Watts know they have to help. Together, they’ll follow the clues and use their sleuthing skills to crack the case.

The Highlights Book of Things to Draw

by Highlights

You can never go wrong with Highlights when looking for great activity books. This one is perfect for kids who love drawing. It's packed with over 175 activities, how-tos, games, and more sure to get any kids' creative juices flowing.

The Legend of the Christmas Witch

by Dan Murphy and Aubrey Plaza, illustrated by Julia Iredale

Have you ever heard of Santa Claus’s misunderstood sister, Kristtōrn, who was raised by a witch? This full-color book tells Kristtōrn's story as she sets out to find her twin brother. A powerful witch in her own right, she must harness her magic and overcome her fear before she can succeed. This spinoff story of two siblings being torn apart during childhood will challenge everything you know about the classic Christmas legend.

J.D. and the Hair Show Showdown

by J. Dillard, illustrated by Akeem S. Roberts

At the young age of eight, J.D. the Kid Barber has made a name for himself and is ready for the next big thing. He heads to Atlanta, Georgia, for a fashionable hair convention where he gets the VIP treatment, meets influencers, and shows off his haircutting skills. While there, J.D. also learns more about barbering and works hard to get a picture with his favorite rapper, Li’l Eazy Breezy.

Bug Boys: Outside and Beyond

by Laura Knetzger

Rhino-B and Stag-B are ready for any adventure that comes their way! Whether it’s weird, scary, or just plain fun, these two beetles are up for the task. Things may not go perfectly for them in their newest challenge, but they always find a way to help a friend. Kids will love reading the latest addition to this exciting graphic novel series.

She Persisted: Maria Tallchief

by Christine Day and Chelsea Clinton, illustrated by Alexandra Boiger and Gillian Flint

This chapter book series was inspired by Chelsea Clinton’s picture book series by the same name that highlights incredible women in history. Kids will love reading this nonfiction biography about ballet, identity, hard work, and holding on to your heritage. When people advised Maria Tallchief to change her name to advance her career, she pushed back and continued to work hard, eventually becoming America's first prima ballerina. 

Batpig: When Pigs Fly

by Rob Harrell

This giggle-inducing graphic novel features a radioactive bat bite and a superpig who loves a good mud bath as much as he loves finding a costume that flatters his backside. Follow Gary Yorkshire as he fights for justice … while trying to figure out how one does that.

Iggy Is the Hero of Everything

by Annie Barrows, illustrated by Sam Ricks

The author of the famous Ivy and Bean books, Annie Barrows, is back with a new series about a troublemaking boy. In this third installment of the Iggy series, Iggy must face the hard truth about his actions in the previous book. His point of view differs from what everyone else thinks. Will you agree with Iggy, or will you side with the others?

Lost in the Museum

by Will Mabbitt, illustrated by Aaron Cushley

Seek-and-find books are entertaining, but add a reputable art museum to the mix, and you get an irresistible adventure! In this engaging book, Stevie has gotten lost in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. She can reunite with her family if she finds a specific sequence of artwork. Can you help her on this journey?

Cookie & Broccoli: Play It Cool

by Bob McMahon

This early graphic novel tackles elementary school friendships and popularity challenges for young readers. Chatty Cookie and Bashful Broccoli are best friends, even though they’re nothing alike. However, when they get pulled in opposite directions by their classmates, their friendship becomes shaky. Will their relationship survive this brush with popularity?

Wreck This Picture Book

by Keri Smith

We are trained to take very good care of books – to make sure they never get wrinkled or damaged or smudged. But Keri Smith wants children to really engage with what they are reading and change not only the stories in her book, but also the book itself! Parents might be uncomfortable with the results, but kids will have a ball.

The Best Christmas Gift! (StoryBots)

by Scott Emmons, illustrated by Nikolas Ilic

Netflix’s popular StoryBots series will hit bookstore shelves this holiday season with The Best Christmas Gift! This leveled reader will keep your little robot lover engaged with every fun-filled page. As a bonus, this book also includes over 30 stickers!

Grumpy Monkey Freshly Squeezed

by Suzanne Lang, illustrated by Max Lang

Author Suzanne Lang and your favorite grumpy character, Jim Panzee, are back with a graphic novel for early readers! The story begins with Jim heading out on his Wednesday walk alone (the way he likes it). But when his friend Norman joins him, the rest of the jungle animals assume they are invited, too. This funny and delightful book teaches readers to embrace the unexpected.

Verity Fairy: Cinderella

by Caroline Wakeman

Young fairy tale lovers will adore this charming retelling of "Cinderella." Verity Fairy is the most honest fairy in the whole kingdom, which sometimes gets her into trouble, especially when she’s trying to assist down-on-their-luck princesses. See what problems arise for Verity and her fairy friends in this beautifully illustrated chapter book!


Pizza and Taco: Super-Awesome Comic!

by Stephen Shaskan

Your favourite foods are back in the third installment of the popular graphic novel series for early readers.  Pizza and taco are making a comic book, but they both have strong opinion about the illustrations and storyline.  They must set aside their differences and work as a team with their signature silliness and fun problem-solving skills.


Magic Tree House Books 1-4 Boxed Set

by Mary Pope Osborne

For over 25 years, the Magic Tree House books have been a fan favorite. When siblings Jack and Annie find a secluded tree house, they don’t expect it to have time-traveling capabilities. In their first four books, they visit pirates, pyramids, dinosaurs, and medieval times. Chock full of excitement, adventure, and education, the Magic Tree House books are always a hit!


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