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Funny and Fascinating Animals! - a bookwrap



Funny and Fascinating Animals!

By Anna Gasol and Teresa Blanch

Illustrated by Sigrid Martinez 


* Ages:  Appropriate for all ages

* Grade Level:  PS+

* Length:  64 pages

* Publisher:  Chouette Publishing, Inc. 

* Pub. Date:  December 14, 2021

* ISBN-13:  9782898022593

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

This amazing book is a true winner.  It is educational and full of facts about familiar and unfamiliar animals.  It poses a quiz and guessing game on one page and then is followed up with actual information about those animals on the next.  The book covers a variety of categories such as: whose tongue is this?  Whose favourite foods are these?  Whose droppings are these?  Whose eyes are these?  Whose footprints are these?  Who lost a tooth? and Who hides here?  just to cite a few.  

The illustrations are bright, colourful and very child-friendly.  The text is simple and easy for a child to understand.  Adults will love to share the book again and again with their little ones because I am sure grown-ups will learn some fun facts too. I know I did to my delight! 

I never knew that a giraffe's tongue is blue and so long that it can even clean its own ears with it or that butterflies and other insects drink not only the nectar of flowers but in certain regions of the world the tears of crocodiles and caymans. Those tears contain nutrients and minerals that are otherwise difficult to find in nature.  Who knew?  Definitely not me!  The book is packed full of amazing facts that are both fascinating and mind-boggling! 

The book is a celebration of the wonders of wildlife and will keep a child engaged from beginning to end. I love this book and recommend it.  It has Storywraps endorsement for sure!  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

 Anna Gasol was born in Cervera, Lleida. When she was little she enjoyed listening to the stories her grandmother told her and, above all, reading adventure novels in her spare time. She studied Germanic Philology and Library and Information Science at the University of Barcelona. She worked as a teacher in a school in PremiΓ  de Mar and, later, she was in charge of the LIJ collection of the library of the Rosa Sensat Teachers' Association of Barcelona. She was director of the magazine Faristol and president of the CCLIJ, the Catalan section of the OEPLI. She collaborates with different publishers of children's and youth literature, is a translator, writes articles for several Spanish publications and writes and adapts children's stories. She is a member of the Cavall Fort Foundation Board of Trustees.

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