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"A Not So Lonely Day" - a bookwrap



A Not So Lonely Day

by Deborah November

Illustrated by Weaverbird Interactive


* Ages:  3-7

* Grade Level:  PS-2

* Length:  32 pages

* Publisher:  Paw Prints Pub

* Pub. Date:  Sept. 6, 2022

* ISBN-10:  1518262880

* ISBN-13:  978-1518262883

* Language:  English

"Written in partnership with an accomplished child therapist, A Not So Lonely Day combines playful art a relatable story to explore the CASEL standards of social emotional development and the concepts of loneliness and isolation in young children."

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

An adorable little character named Thea has unfortunately broken her arm.  She must stay home for a while to adjust to the cast she has received from her injury.  She worries about missing school and mostly her friends... will they miss her too?  

It's Super Daddy to the rescue. He puts a plan in place that together the two can simulate all the things that Thea would be engaged in if she were in her classroom.  Thea, Daddy and their sweet dog Rosie, learn, enjoy some playtime, and in the afternoon take a recess nap from all their busy and engaging activities.  

The illustrations are wonderful.  They are colourful, expressive and very kid-friendly.  I love the diverse crowd of classmates that appear at the end of the book and the acceptance and friendships that are apparent as the kids interact together.  Dr. Kaia Calbeck* has included a very informative and helpful component called, "Tips for Positive Emotional Development" which will greatly benefit parents and caregivers.  I highly recommend this book. 

*  Dr. Kaia Calbeck is a clinical psychologist with a practice based out of Miami, Florida.  She is on the medical staff of the Baptist Hospital of Miami, and has been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Miami and at Florida International University. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Deborah November specializes in writing for young children with an emphasis on social/emotional issues. For many years, she was the editorial director of Sesame Street Books, where she wrote many mass-market story and concept books based on the Sesame Street curriculum and starring the Sesame Street Muppets. Deborah lives in NYC.

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