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' Rocket Ship Yoga" - a bookwrap



Rocket Ship Yoga: An Out-of-This-World Kids Yoga Journey for Breathing, Relaxing and Mindfulness (Yoga Poses for Kids, Mindfulness for Kids Activities)

by Bari Koral


* Reading Age:  4-7

* Grade Level:  PS-2

* Hardcover:  64 pages

* Publisher:  Dragonfruit Publication

* Pub. Date:  May 10, 2022

* ISBN-10:  1642508608

* ISBN-13:  978-1642508604

* Language:  English


“Exceptionally ‘kid friendly’ in organization and presentation, and highly recommended as a unique addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library children's exercise and fitness collections. Rocket Ship Yoga: An Out-of-This-World Kids Yoga Journey for Breathing, Relaxing and Mindfulness by popular children and family recording artist and globally recognized kids' yoga educator Bari Koral … has beautiful illustrations help guide children ages 3–8 through the poses, along with catchy lyrics that’ll have them engaged with their bodies and minds. This will help boost to their physical balance, coordination and mindfulness in ways that only yoga can.”

—Midwest Book Review

“Blast off! It’s yoga time! It might seem antithetical that a children’s book teaching readers yoga postures and the concept of mindfulness—which focuses on the here and now—would use space and space travel as a backdrop. But the playful conceit makes sense considering this title instructs children (and adults sharing the book with kids) to stretch various body parts—arms, hips—up, out, and toward the sky as it demonstrates and describes poses, relaxation techniques, and measured-breathing exercises. It also empowers kids to soar with their minds and imaginations. Simply written, comprehensible text explains the movements and breathing methods required for each pose (which become more complex as the book advances). Colorful illustrations feature lively, space-themed scenes, affirming a sense of adventure as a young, light-skinned child with a ponytail models different, clearly depicted postures. Backmatter elaborates on the physical and emotional benefits inherent in each included pose.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Rocket Ship Yoga is a delightful and heart filled guide that will empower kids of all ages. Author Bari Koral will inspire families to put away the screens and blast off into feeling good in their bodies. I highly recommend Rocket Ship Yoga which is now one of my new favorite children’s yoga books.”
—Melanie Salvatore-August, author of Yoga to Support Immunity

“One of the best ways to help kiddos manage stress is by incorporating yoga into their day-to-day routine. Rocket Ship Yoga is the perfect interstellar introduction to the world of mindfulness.”
—Becca Anderson

“THIS BOOK. It’s amazing! The story is so good, the poses are perfect and I LOVE the Pose Gallery. Vibrant colors, amazing illustrations, fun poses and imagination beyond will have kids on the edge of their space ship and ready to take off! LOVE it so much! I can’t wait to use it in my classes.”

—Kristen Lang, owner of Kidstock Yoga in Woodstock, NY

“In her first book, kids yoga educator and recording artist Bari Koral makes it easy to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into storytime. With this great new book as a tool, anyone can teach yoga to children, regardless of ability and experience!”

—Rebecca Simone Shaknovich, children's librarian and department head at Free Library of Philadelphia

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

It's a blast!  This book encourages and empowers kids to get off of their screens ( and bottoms ) and learn kids' yoga poses while also igniting their imaginations and reading skills.  

Kids are invited to join popular children and family recording artist and globally infamous kids' yoga educator Bari Koral on an out-of-this-world adventure. 

"Rocket Ship Yoga" features "Rocket Ship" lyrics and kids' yoga poses for kids ages 2+ or to infinity and beyond.  The beautiful illustrations visually enrich the written instructions and will help guide a child to success.  The appealing lyrics engage both bodies and minds helping boost balance, co-ordination and mindfulness in ways only yoga can.  

Inside "Rocket Ship Yoga, find: 

* Accessible and fun yoga poses for kids
* Mindfulness for kids activies that support emotional wellness
* Breathing exercises and techniques for physical health

The author has included backmatter that elaborates on the physical and emotional benefits of each pose included.  Both kids and adults will benefit from this book.  I highly recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Bari Koral is a popular children and family recording artist and a globally recognized kids’ yoga educator. Her songs and activities for kids’ yoga are used by thousands of children and teachers every day. 

Yoga and mindfulness has helped calm her own anxiety and has significantly enhanced her life.  Bari passionately seeks to share these tools for health and happiness with others. She has trained thousands of teachers and is at the forefront of introducing and reinforcing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with young children. 

Between her trainings, Bari Koral YouTube channel, music and products, her ideas are so instrumental that Kaplan has called her a Kids Yoga Pioneer.  You can see Bari’s positive influence in countless early childhood classrooms. 

Bari is an E-RYT 200 and RCYT through Yoga Alliance. She is a top trainer at NAEYC and has been featured at many state and national conferences. She has over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 100 million views. Her last mindfulness webinar for Kaplan, “Happy and Calm,” was watched by over 10,000 teachers.

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