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The Coat - a bookwrap



The Coat

By Séverine Vidal
Illustrated by Louis Thomas


* Reading Age:  3-7 years

* Grade Level:  1-2

* Length:  32 pages

* Publisher:  Flyaway Books

* Pub. Date:  Oct. 11, 2022

* ISBN-10:  1947888382

* ISBN-13:  978-1947888388

* Language:  English 

Editorial Reviews

"Primary red, blue, and yellow play against muted backdrops in the sketchlike illustrations of this heartfelt story that encourages compassion and reflection on what’s truly important." – Foreword Reviews

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

The Book

 Elise is an adorable little girl who can't wait for her sister to pass down her amazing red coat to her.  She has been waiting forever for her sister to grow out of it so it can belong to her.  

Finally...a long last... Elise gets gifted with that special coat she so longs for. Hurray!  She is one over-the-moon happy little sister. 

All decked up in her new red coat off she skips to school to show everyone her prize coat.  Along the way her tender heart encounters something that changes everything for her.  Elise learns that the joy that comes from belongings cannot compete with the joy of reaching out and helping others less fortunate.  

"The Coat" unmasks the hardships of being homeless and vulnerable and inspires readers to open up their hearts and treat less fortunate ones with compassion and respect.  A downloadable discussion guide will be available October 2022 at flyawaybooks.com /resources.  I love the message of the book and I highly recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Séverine Vidal is a French author who writes for all ages, in genres ranging from picture books to novels and comics. Her books have been widely translated and have won numerous awards, including the 2021 Prix des Incorruptible (ages 7-8) for the French edition of The Coat. She also leads writing workshops. She lives in France, near Bordeaux.

About the Illustrator

Louis Thomas is an illustrator and author with many books to his credit. He also paints for personal exhibitions, draws for Pixar and Universal Studios, and teaches around the world. Since 2013 he has been based in Paris, where he lives with his cat, Pipo, in a workshop between the Panthéon and the Jardin du Luxembourg.

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