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Cats Don't Like Christmas!

by Andy Wortlock

Illustrated by Nahum Ziersch


* Ages:  3-7

* Grade Level:  PS-2

* Length:  36 pages

* Series:  Book 2 of 2- Cat's Don't Like! 

* Publisher:  Splash Books

* Pub. Date:  September 2, 2022

* ISBN-10:  0992426626

* ISBN-13:  978-0992426620

* Language:  English 

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

There’s Too Much Singing…

And Too Many Bright Lights…. 

And WAY Too Many Hoomuns Around! 

The Book


Prediction?  This book is going down as a Christmas favourite this year.  I love it!  Suggestion? Buy one now to tuck away and give as a Christmas present.  What a delightful story to share during the Christmas season. 

An adorable little cat narrates why humans make too much fuss over this holiday season. Why Hallowe'en is barely packed away when POOF!!! all the Christmas decorations are unpacked and ready to go.  Lights twinkle, music blares and a giant tree appears right inside the house.  The speedy changes are overwhelming and hard to take in. Does little cat become a Scrooge and say"Humbug" to the splendour and frivolity or does he embrace the sticky tape, unending wrapping paper, shiny balls and intrusive family visitors?  What do you think? 

The rhyming words flow freely and are extremely
 melodic.  The detailed humorous illustrations are pitch perfect and animate the text to perfection.  

"Cats Don't Like Christmas!" is Volume 2 of Cat's Don't Like. It's a companion to the award winning, "Cats Don't Like That." Both young and old will love this entertaining book that is spot on to get you into the holiday spirit.  I highly, highly recommend it. 


Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Andy Wortlock is a husband and in-house, award-winning-Dad to his two young boys, and often refers to himself as an "accidental author". He infuses his work with a genuine enthusiasm for life and an honest care for humanity.

He is the founder of Splash Books and the weaver of wild adventures including the Cats Don't Like That! series, along with a host of other creative children's tales that will be coming soon. Andy hopes that his stories will enable parents to whisk swiftly through the bedtime routines, while making kids smile!

About the Illustrator

Nahum Ziersch was born and raised in the Clare Valley in South Australia. From a very young age he knew he wanted to draw for a living, surrounded by very artistic parents who encouraged and nurtured his passion. As a kid he would watch Astro Boy and stacks of other cartoons in his PJs, devour comics and draw his own imaginative worlds and characters. Nahum works as a freelance illustrator in Adelaide. While his main areas of work include editorial, advertising and educational illustrations, he still has a mad passion for creating quirky and expressive characters.

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