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" FIRE ANTS "- a bookwrap



  Fire Ants

Authored by Adam K. White
Illustrated by Emanuele di Giovine


* Reading Age:  3-5 years

* Grade Level:  PS+

* Length:  31 pages

* Publisher:  Independently Published

* Pub. Date:  October 18, 2021

* ISBN-13:  979-8495727908

* Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 



The Book

The village of Antlanta has a very inefficient way of extinguishing fires.  Their method causes more damage than help to those who need their service of putting out a fire. 

An adorable rookie ant on the force has created an invention that just might be the very thing they need to improve their firefighting skills and bring them success

He is hesitant to approach the chief and pitch his idea to him.  What if his plan fails?  Oh my, is he brave enough to step forward and persuade his superior to give it a go?  Will it bring success to a now failing firefighting force?

This book will spark conversations and readers will experience elements of humour, enjoyment of silly scenarios and discover puns throughout the story.  The illustrations are colourful, full of action and very kid-relatable.  This inspiring book will appeal to toddlers and young readers.  I recommend this book highly.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Adam K. White broke through into the mainstream with his satire and parody website, "The Sioux Falls Headliner" where he periodically fooled millions of readers into thinking the city of Sioux Falls was full of cold-hearted, and often dumb, criminals. Before all that, Adam created a family fun card game called, "Fire Ants!" It was underwhelming to say the least, but fueled more creativity for when he sat down to write a children's book. Adam continued on with the family fun firefighting ants, and with the help of his good friend, artist, and frequent collaborator 

About the Illustrator

Emanuele di Giovine self-published his first book in October of 2021.

Contact information: fireantsbook@outlook.com

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