Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Good Morning - a bookwrap

Are you a morning person?  Some people just love jumping out of bed and getting their day started on an energetic, positive note.  Today's book is about  a little girl who eagerly awaits each new day. her parents?...... not so much.  I imagine many people can identify with this youngster's exuberance. This brand new day is a gift to make her own. Yahoooo!!! Let the day begin..... she's ready! 


"My Good Morning!"

Authored by Kim Crockett

Illustrated by Jelena Brezovec

Ages 4-6
PS +

Some adorable illustrations to unwrap for you...


"A charming and humorous story about an independent little girl who wants to get ready for the day all by herself….The illustrations are boldly colored and energetic.” ― Tarryn Villarreal, reviewer

“A perfect little story about going to school - for those kids of yours who are about to go to school for the first time themselves.” ― Paul Phillips, bookseller

About the book...

This sweet book highlights scenarios that are happening around the world.  An adorable little girl bounds out of bed ready for her day:

"I wake up nice and early.
I had a good sleep.
Mommy and Daddy did not hear a peep.
It's a new day and I'm ready to go!
But Mommy and Daddy are so very slow."  

Sound familiar to anyone? 

Her sleepy parents corral her and see that she brushes her teeth, goes potty, gets wrestles into her clothes, sips some milk for breakfast and then it's off to school for her.  

With a hug and a kiss from mom and a fast buckle into the car seat by dad, she struts into school like she is a big, independent girl with her head held high.  She is ready to take on the challenges and fun wrapped up in her upcoming school day.

This book is written in rhyme and the illustrations are adorable.  I love the diversity of children at the school and the strong family love that oozes through each and every page.  Unconditional love reigns between each and every member.   This is a perfect book to read and discuss with your little one as they start a new chapter of their life at school.  I highly recommend it.

Storywraps rating... 5 Hugs!!!!!

  About the author and illustrator...

Jelena Brezovec (1980, Croatia) studied sociology and for a long time, drawing was just a hobby of hers. But this changed in 2008, when she co-founded Evenio, where she works as an illustrator and creative editor. Her book Dance Recital won a National Indie Excellence Book Award. 

Kim Crockett-Corson finds writing stories for young children to be a fulfilling and exhilarating hobby. Also, she enjoys teaching children from infancy to age five, gardening and yoga. She is a fairly new mom and gathers so much inspiration, laughter and joy from her delightfully lively daughter who sees the world with fresh, innocent eyes. Her goal is to convey stories from the child's perspective. She lives in Atlanta, GA.

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