Tuesday, October 28, 2008


If your child is experiencing any difficulties with his/her reading and are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with reading please feel free to ask us questions about their problems. With lots of years experience in the classroom and as librarians and a principal, maybe we can make some positive suggestions and give you tips to help your child overcome their anxieties and give them the self-confidence that they need to proceed on their journey of reading.
Reading is supposed to be fun and full of adventure and learning. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of you reading to your child even if they are in school and are able to read themselves. Choose books that are above their own reading level to read out loud, find a quiet place to curl up with them and read. Out of that encounter will naturally come questions, conversation, and a bonding that is imperative to your child's sense of success.
Share newspaper articles. clips from magazines, recipe ingredients to your child as you go about your daily life. Yes, reading is all around us and we need to be vocalizing words and symbols out loud to our children so that they know we live in a world of squiggles that we can make complete sense of. Reading is as natural as learning to talk and to walk.

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