Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sharing books

I am receiving many offers to review new books and I love it. Keep the opportunities coming to me and thank you for asking my opinion.
Everyone has wonderful stories inside of them just waiting to be let out and be told. I love what inspires people to get that pen/pencil out or go to their computer and start composing their deepest thoughts on paper. Look around your world and see what moves you to write - whether it be in a journal, a prospect for a new book, or even on a slip of paper. J.K. Rowlings wrote a lot of Harry Potter on paper napkins in restaurants, so even napkins are good.
Maybe you are the drawer, morphing into a brilliant illustrator of the next new children's picture book. It is always fun to express yourself outside yourself so others can catch a glimpse of who you are and what is buried inside of you. Those nuggets of words and ideas need to be shared and discussed and cherished. Even if your talents do not go outside your home and family it is pure therapy to let those words out of you and illuminate themselves on a piece of paper. Think about what you could write today or doodle a masterpiece on that grocery list to share at the dinner table tonight. If poetry is what you are harbouring let it pour out of your pen in rhyme today.
We were created to create.

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