Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New reviews coming your way soon

Be sure to log onto www.lifewithkids.ca and see my new book reviews for the month of November. There are so many fantastic books out there. A lot of these books are disguised for kids but adults love the stories, humour, illustrations and adventure just as much as the kids. I always have had a deep love for children's literature and when I studies under David Booth I realized I was not abnormal but had an innate passion for what our children could access and process. Since being involved as an elementary school teacher-teaching all the grades-a school librarian-a principal-a reading specialist I have had many opportunities to encourage and spread my love of words. Books are a treasure and a gift. We need to make it clear that books cross generations, cultures and genders. Read needs to be embedded in our hearts forever. We must pass this sacred right of reading onto our children and let them know the value of the printed word. I watched NBC news the other night and saw a whole line of young,vibrant Afghani soldiers all ready for duty....9 out of 10 could not read...and these are the guys. The girls in those countries are illiterate too! My heart aches when I hear statics like that. We are so blessed to have the resources and means to read to our kids....the sad part...people don't see it as a priority and won't take the time to engage in those intimate, fun times with their kids which will make successful, lifelong readers out of them. Let's change that .... pick up a book and read it to your child.
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