Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner will be here soon. Kids will be home for Christmas and everyone will be working overtime to stage this grand event for 2009. My stairway is framed with great kids Christmas literature, Christmas books adorn my bathroom basket, piles of fabulous seasonal books are piled around my living room. I am ready for the pauses, time outs, times of quiet reflections that come with this season. Make many books available for guests and especially for your kids. Celebrate with words and pictures and creative ideas that flow from kid picture books. I add one or two new Christmas books each year to add my coveted collection. The kids love to pick up their past favourites and they look forward to their news "friends" that have been added this year. I find guests will be pick up and browse these books as I am making them egg not or hot chocolate. While they are waiting they are the perfect interlude while you are busy. Books are not only educational, but entertaining and loads of fun too! Get some books out to add to the joy of the season.
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