Friday, February 26, 2010

Bio's anyone?

With all the games going on in Vancouver and all the athletes parading their talents this is the perfect time to get your child into biographies. Let them know that every person comes with a story of his/her life and have them pick one of their great heroes to do research and learn all they can about their life, character, goals, life journey etc. Go the the library and check out books, go online to or and see what you can find there that will catch the attention of your child. Biographies are one of my favourite genres personally. When you have gathered a few books of interest , read them solo or out loud together, then have a discussion about the contrasts of that person's life as apposed to yours. A good project is to find pictures of your child as a baby and beyond and help her write their own autobiography. They would love to star in their own life story and share it with other members of the family. As William Shakespeare put it so aptly...."The world is a stage and we are but players on it." (paraphrase mine). Get going, get motivated and learn about our fellow citizens.
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