Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympics in Vancouver

I have been addicted to the coverage of the fantastic Olympic games in Vancouver this year, 2010! What a bunch of gifted, disciplined, determined athletes we have. It is encouraging and inspiring to see how many young athletes are living their dream competing in the events. I got to thinking how much we need to encourage our kids to discipline themselves with reading and writing skills. How we need to pass that torch of learning to the next generation. How we need to train and coach and inspire our kids to hang in there and practise their language. Nothing is easy. Literacy is so important to our nation building. We must not only fight to train our bodies but also our minds and spirit. Elders need to step up and take on that responsibility. We need to model and read to our kids and tell them the urgency of knowledge and skill building. Yes, we are in a race to sharpen our minds, ignite our imaginations and become a world player on literacy. We can empower our kids to go into other less fortunate countries as teachers and missionaries and teach, teach, teach. We are so blessed to have the resources that we have at our disposal. How sad we do not recognize what is available to us and embrace the wealth around us. I think sometimes we are too spoiled and too lazy to focus our minds on changing not only ourselves but also the world. Come on Canada....get, write, create.....imagine....dream! Go for the gold!

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