Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day is over and spring is on her way....

I love special occasions to buy and give books for. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to book-it rather than pile up the candy treats. We need to find all kinds of creative ways to express ourselves with the awesome written word. These cold and dreary days can be flooded with warm feelings and smiles if we take the time to pour ourselves a nice steamy hot chocolate (lathered with whipping cream, of course), crack open a sassy read aloud and share in front of the open fireplace. How about bathtime? There are books that are waterproof to share- have a tub party. Check out themes of the Olympics, hockey, skating, skiing or just taking an adventurous snow walk. Open your eyes, open your books, open your mind to wonderful stories and ideas that are read from the heart. Wrap yourself in a good story tonight.
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