Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Check them out....

Where is the summer going? Hope everyone is getting some rest and reading time and are enjoying this wonderful weather. Find a shady spot to curl up, open a good book, and ignite your child’s imagination as they explore another place or time. Here are my picks for this month…

Title: The Series Fablehaven
Author: Brandon Mull
Ages; 10 and up

While their parents are off on a two week cruise, Kendra and her brother Seth are sent to stay with their grandparents, whom they barely know. They resign themselves to the fact that this will be the most boring vacation ever – but they couldn’t be more wrong! They discover their grandparents live on a magical preserve, Fablehaven, which is a refuge for fairies, trolls, satyrs, and many things that are mystical and beyond human understanding.
Overwhelmed and excited by all the house and its vast yard have to offer, Kendra and Seth both exhibit very different approaches to interacting with Fablehaven’s magical and strange creatures. Kendra, cautious and kind, explores the playroom within the house and discovers a secret message in a hidden journal. Seth, bold and mischievous, turns all of Fablehaven upside down with his sometimes-poor judgment and reckless behavior. Kendra reveals her secret to Grandpa who sets down boundaries and rules for the children’s own protection. Kendra and Seth find that they must work together to save both their family and this magical place. Using unique skills, imagination and lots of courage, they ask themselves if they are able to save their grandparents, Fablehaven and each other! The series is incredibly interesting, well paced and gripping with strong characters that lead you into their magical world that was right there all the time right under their very noses. The series will become one of your child’s favourites if they are missing Harry Potter.
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