Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer is moving along fast

Busy with travelling and reviews of kids books for blogs. Remember to stock up on kid books from garage sales, while browsing book shops and be sure to give books as gifts to other kids. Nothing beats the heat as staying indoors in the cool AC curled up with a good book. Encourage kids to turn off t.v., video games and travel to places far and wide through a good book. Kids also love maps to look at. They can even draw a map of their own yard or house and pin it on the fridge or room to enjoy often. If you are planning a trip to the zoo or aquarium prime your kids with books about the subject so they can be really informed even before they go. Take lots of pictures of trips and have kids put photos in albums with their own captions added. Keep reading alive this summer. The more interactions with words and books will enhance their experience as they enter the classroom in a few weeks time. Read to them....newspapers...magazine articles...cereal boxes....ANYTHING! Keep the momentum going. Model good reading and they will reflect it back to you. You will be so glad you did!
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