Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween is history

Another successful Halloween night has faded into history. Kids running, excited, shouting, gathering all sorts of treats on this cold and cloudy night that cries out for spark of light. Costumes galore parade down the street with weary parents tagging along to oversee the safety of their little ones. The time to charge out into the neighbourhood has arrived. It is a thrilling night and a wonderful opportunity to open up your door and greet people with a friendly smile and loads of candy to dispense and enjoy. I love this night for the fellowship of the community and the strenthening of bonds to the kids and their parents. They can discover that a friendly face resides behind this door and they are welcome now and in the future if a need arises. I hope everyone took loads of pictures of their kids, planned special meals for the occasion, and was very generous in their giving to the kids. Take those pictures and load them on computers, in photo albums and discuss the events of last evening as you happily munch on the candy stash that was accumulated. These special times make memories that will never be forgotten in your family. Happy your pumpkin starts to disappear and disintigrate,as your costumes resume their rightful positions on hangers and in storeage boxes, remember all the good feelings and fun that you had together as a family and with friends on this Halloween night.
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