Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Check out these fabulous books for the month of November.....

Title: Pete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes
Author: Eric Litwin
Illustrator: James Dean
Ages: 2-6

Pete the cat has some new white shoes and sings this song. “I love my white shoes, I love my white shoes.” As he is walking along he steps in a huge pile of strawberries and his shoes turn all RED! The tempo of the book is really upbeat and totally engages your child. Kids will be perched on the edge of their seats ready to shout out the next color of Pete’s shoes. Pete is never dismayed or upset by the changes. After many color changes Pete steps in water and his shoes get WET. Does this bother Pete? No way! Goodness no! It gives Pete a new song! “I love my wet shoes, I love my wet shoes”! The moral of the story, “No matter what you step in keep walking along and singing your song cause it’s all good!” The book is pure fun. Check the guys out as they perform this book on YouTube – Pete the Cat-I Love My White Shoes. Enjoy it again and again so you can learn the song and boogie along in life. If you visit their website you can even get prints of this awesome cat to enjoy!

Title: There’s Going to Be a Baby
Author: John Bumingham
Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury
Ages: 3-7

I loved this book. It shows sensitivity, wit, humor and the illustrations are magnificent. This is the first ever collaboration between two greats from the world of children’s literature. The text by John Bumingham walks us through six months or so of a loving mother telling her son that a new sibling is on the way. During this gestation period they talk of when the baby will arrive, what the baby might be when he/she grows up and their discussions strengthen that already existing bond between them. The mother’s words are captured in pale blue while the little boy’s words are in dark blue. The mother’s ideas prompt the boy to imagine what the future might be like. Their ponderings are captured by comical comic-book-like illustrations. Many precious discussions occur between the two and when the baby finally arrives the little boy boards a bus with his grandfather to go to the hospital to meet his new sibling. His final words to his Grandpa as he is walking towards his mother’s hospital room are, “Grandad, the baby will be our baby.” “We’re going to love the baby, aren’t we?” This book is highly recommended and represents children’s literature at its best.

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