Friday, January 7, 2011

Just an added footnote to my Christmas booklist....

The book entitled "A Wish to be a Christmas Tree" is a wonder to behold. The author is Colleen Monroe and it is illustrated by Michael Glenn Monroe. Together the team has exhibited one of the most sensitive and gorgeous looking picture books that you have ever seen. The lonely tree waits year after year for someone to pick him to be their favourite Christmas tree. He grows taller and taller and is always overlooked. This wonderful story states what Christmas is all about. The gift of giving shows the power of love and devotion given by a collection of his animal friends. They try to cheer up this sad and rejected tree. His forest friends all pull together to make happiness radiate from this tree and give him his heart's desire. The illustrations are simply stunning and worthy of framing. Between the touching text words and the enriched illustrations this book is truly a winner and classic.i Highly, highly recommended for your Christmas collection.
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