Tuesday, January 11, 2011

one of this week's book review for you

I will attempt to give you two at the most and one at the least book reviews a week. This is a little book I think you will enjoy.

Title: The Bubble
Author: Brian D. McClure
Illustrator: Buddy Plumlee
Ages: age 1-100

“Once there was a little boy, who didn’t want anyone to play with any of his toys. As he grew older, he didn’t want anyone to come into his room…not even his mother!”

Thus begins this boy’s journey into his own personal material prison. His obsession for things and caring for them consumes his whole life. He becomes more and more selfish and self-absorbed as the story unravels. He blocks every living thing from his life and over time slips into a world of total isolation.

But alas, as he grows older, the things he holds so dear begin to slowly leave him and he finds himself trapped, all alone, inside of a bubble. While inside he has a revelation as to what is really important in life. He discovers that you cannot share or have a relationship with “things” and when you are at your lowest point in life the “things” are not there for you. He finally understands that we are here on earth to experience community, interconnection, unconditional love and respect for each other. Thankfully the boy is able to experience redemption and discovers the Truth to his existence while living here on this planet.

Reading this book will lead into many discussions as to why and how we should reach out and include others into our lives. It will help us understand why material possessions should not be our life’s main focus. This would be an excellent resource to have in your classroom as well as a beautiful addition to your own personal library collection at home.

The illustrations are very detailed and add an extra punch to the written text. The expressions on the boy’s/man’s face enrich and enhance the written word. I highly recommend this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself and kids.
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