Thursday, January 13, 2011

Read what?

Just a nudge to get you into reading mode today. Guess what I read this morning? You will never guess but I put all the vitamins, the cereal bars, the milk carton and the newspaper on the counter and read through my breakfast ritual. This would be a fabulous exercise to do with your kids. Put their food containers on the table and read the ingredients, the suggested servings sizes and any extra info that would be of interest to you. Find out where the product came from. We learned last night that the carrots we were eating came all the way from Israel and still only cost us $2.00. What does Canada grow and distribute? Where in Canada exports the most products to eat? Do a map search of where your foods come from. Strawberries, oranges perhaps come from Florida, California or Mexico,potatos may be grown in P.E.I. etc. You will be astounded at the distance these products travel to get to your kitchn table. You can take it one step further and explore how they are shipped to their destination. Have fun. Discover, explore and read on to gleen more info about the food you eat each day. Blessings today eat and enjoy your reading today.
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