Friday, January 14, 2011

A book game

Want to have a fun "book" game with your child. Pick an old favourite storybook or a brand new one that hasn"t been read and find a hiding place for it. Tell your child in the morning that the book fairy paid a visit last night and she has hidden a "reading" treasure somewhere in the house and if and when he/she finds it you will sit down and read this "treasure" together. When you hide the book you can sprinkle a little glitter over and around it to make it truly a magical experience. You can take the game even farther by asking your child to help name her particular book fairy that was assigned to her for the rest of her life. Come up with a name that suits you both. Continue to ignite imagination as time goes on by defining the fairy"s physical characteristics, where she may live, maybe who her friends are (like the tooth fairy) and why she was chosen to be your child's guardian of the books. You can even purchase an old trunk or cool box to put these special books in. Make it fun, exciting and something that will put a twinkle in your child's eyes. Reading is a wonderful reward for any child.
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