Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Book Field Trip

With this crazy, over-the-top freezing weather it is fun to plan something exciting to do wrapped around the theme of books. Give your local library a call and see what programmes they have available for you and your child to enjoy. If your child is not a member of the library now is the time to get this milestone notched in her/his belt. Libraries are the best. They provide highly trained staff that have such knowledge about the book housed in their facility. They offer fun and educational programmes for your child to participate in. They not only have books but magazines, cd's, dvd's, newspapers, computers and quiet areas to sit and enjoy your chosen books. It is a haven for the book lover's soul. Another neat thing is that you can sign your child up for his/her own library card. You need a birth certificate and a piece of mail with their address on it but it is such a great thing to do for your child. They feel so important to have their own piece of identification. When I got my youngest son his card his first words were.."Cool what can we charge?" I had the privilege to tell him we don't need to buy the books but they are leant to us for free! We have had awesome times in our local library as a family. Go ahead, plan a day trip to visit yours. It is an awesome adventure that enriches your child's reading experience a great deal. Read on.
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