Friday, February 4, 2011

Great read for teens/young adults review

Title: Elijah’s Coin
Author: Steve O’Brien

Finally a book worthy of passing on to my fifteen-year-old son! As parents we are always looking for books that will enhance our family values.

The main character, Tom Wagner, was a troubled and traumatized young college student. An event that occurred in his early childhood lured him toward a life of crime and indifference. One night he made a choice to enter into the dark world of delinquency but he never envisioned an intervention by Mr. Elijah King.

Elijah King is portrayed as a mysterious, mystical, almost supernatural character who encounters Tom in the midst of his wrongdoing and offers him a way out of his dilemma should he accept it. Elijah asks for three meetings and each time he expounds his wisdom in life lessons to Tom. Elijah’s philosophy is to observe, think, believe, and act. He gives Tom a special object as a reminder of the lessons he was taught. Tom accepts Elijah’s terms and turns his life around enabling him to influence other people that Elijah sends to him.

The book encourages us to give to others so we can get back ourselves. We learn that life is not about us but what we can do for others. How our world would change if we applied Elijah’s principles to those we encountered along our life’s journey.

This book ‘s message resonates with the reader long after it is put down. Steve O’Brien, in his brilliance, included a precious keepsake to remind us of the truth captured in this story! The story challenges us to become a mentor to people that we encounter every day. We are counseled to sew into their lives and inspire them to find the gifts and talents that they have within. When they discover their potential then they can pass their experiences on to others. This is a very good book to have in your own collection or to pass on as gift.
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