Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Living in an ice cube

Do you feel that you are living in an ice cube these days? Ice cubes are usually made in a cube shape. The seasons are rotating and when you look up into the sky you are hoping to see the sun which is a circle shape. Play an I-spy game around your house and try to identify shapes that appear everywhere. Go over basic shapes with your child (square, triangle, circle,etc.) and then apply those shapes to every day household items that in your home. There are tons of shape books on the market and during your stay indoors, to avoid being in the ice cube, learn and review the concept of "shapes". You will love to stay indoors and bond....inside in your warm bubble...which incidentally is the shape of a circle or get really fancy and call it what it is...a sphere. Make a little shape book and let your child colour and name the shapes to personalize the fun and keep them occupied when you are busy. Read on.
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