Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Saturday everyone!

This is kind of a lazy, snowy day here in Ontario. I love Saturdays. It is a day that you can choose whether to be busy or not. I don't usually have a tight schedule this day and find it is nice to snuggle up with a good book for an afternoon nap if my busy allows. There is something so special about a nap. It is a time to retreat, replenish and totally relax. I always have a great book waiting for me beside my bed and as I mount up the stairs find myself with a full mug of tea and an afhgan throw tossed over my arm. It is my time. A time that I do not have to share or decide or talk. Quiet contemplation rules and it is "me time". I know I stress that you need to read to your child, engage with your child and monitor your child. For optimum success you need to be selfish sometime and just "be" yourself. I would often have a nap when all my kids were in school. When they came home I felt ready to go again and could give much more to the family unit when I had had that quiet time on my own. I told my family that my nap was a "gift" to them. Treat yourself today. Be still be quiet, indulge in something that you like to read but always read on.
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