Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Label things

Today in Ontario, Canada we are bracing for a huge winter storm. We are to get between 30-40 cm of snow and there will be blizzard-like conditions. We must prepare our shovels, salt, snow removal brushes for vehicles and of course our clothing for the winter blast. One thing that would be fun to do is put all your child"s clothes out on the floor: snow pants, jacket, mittens, hat, scarf, boots etc. and arrange them just it is your child laying down in front of your- minus your child. Then take blank cards and print in large letters the name of each item of winter apparel. Lay these labels on the clothing pieces and read the words as you point out the items. WHen you are done then shuffle words and have your child place the words. For more challenges mix up the words and put them on the wrong items and have your child correct your "errors". After you have played this labeling game a hundred times (I am just kidding....only 99) take the words and place the word cards on the fridge. Throughout the day go over the words in a fun way. Never, ever test. Always have fun. Another end-game bonanza? Tape the labels on your child"s clothing and have them parade around as you "read" your child. Just have fun! Enjoy each other! Enjoy your winter words! Oh yeah..be sure to go outside together and make snow angels. Read on!
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