Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Break is fast approaching...

Need some inspiration for the kids for March Break. If you are fortunate you will be boarding a plane and taking off for warmer climates. A lot of people are unable to get away so must find alternative entertainment for their kids around their immediate area. Do not despair. Libraries are a perfect location to visit. Take them there and get each child his/her own library card and load up on "March Break" reading books. You also can borrow cd's, dvd's, etc. It is a wonderful experience plus it is all free. You can also go out for a lunch with you child and hit a bookstore on the way home. Many stores are running storytimes as well as the libraries. Look around and find things that are educational and entertaining for your children. Have a few nights where you pop popcorn and read aloud to each other. Share the reading of your books, talk about your books, pass them around to other immediate family members. Make a little log of the books you read and list your week's books that you read. Go to the dollar store and get some stickers and little rewards to encourage the readings. At the end of the week let your child take his/her book log to school and let the teacher see what they have been up to with their reading. Have fun. Make a plan and then just go and do it. Read on.
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