Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stair Mountain

It is March break this week. Want a fun reading game to play with the kids? Take a bundle of books that they love to read and place one book on the staircase per step. Start at the bottom of the stairs and read your way up each day. Before bed, after their shower or bath pick up the next book and read before bedtime to each other. When you get to the book on the top stair have a big celebration. Have some popcorn, cupcakes, hot chocolate (however you celebrate, perhaps stickers, or a new gift-wrapped book) to honour your dedication and excitement of your great reading accomplishment. After you can even make a list of all the "stair books" that you have read to visually see what a great job you did. Make it all fun and use a little anticipation as you go through this exercise with your kids. Can't wait to read the next book tonight! Did you see what is coming up for us to enjoy together tonight? Oh boy, can't wait to read this book! I love this one the best! Hurry with your bath and let's cuddle up together and read this book! They will love it and so will you! Read on.
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