Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy....

I am so influenced by the weather. Dull day...gloomy mood. Sunny day...bright, postitive disposition. Today it is full blown sun and it makes for a great start to my day. We have had ice cube weather for so long that it was making me crazy. The temp is supposed to bloom and then soon will my flowers. I am so ready for spring. It is March break here in Canada and today is looking mighty fine. Happy sunshine day everyone! By the way, my title is from a song from John Denver. He is not with us anymore but he left some wonderful books (one is the title above) and many others for us to enjoy. Check him out. His songs are catchy, upbeat and cry out to be sung. The illustrations in his books are fantastic and each book includes a cd of the song. Well worth buying, reading and singing along to. Blessings and read on.
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