Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wow readership is up!

Thanks to all of you for checking in and reading my blog. Books are so important in our lives and we must carry the torch for the next generation of readers. If you go to church bring home the church bulletin and find all the names and activities that take place in a church service. There are hymn titles, prayers, announcements and up-coming events. Read this with your child. Rather than doodle on it during the service have your child circle words that they may recognize. Read signs along the road as your travel to your place of worship. If you go out to eat after, read the menu together before you colour on it. Awaken your child to words that surround them in their environment. Incidental reading is the pressure, purposeful and fun. Reading their world gives them the keys to unlock their surrounding environment. Point words out, sing them out, shout them out. Play with the words in your world. They are waiting to be recognized and acknowledged. Make words into rock stars. Turn the lights on them and have them perform for you. Rock and and read on.
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