Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, that day

Where do the weekend go? Lazy, relaxed and lots of "me" time. Oh well it quickly gets lost in Monday and "the busy week ahead." Do not fret. Reading time with your child is a time to set aside your stress and worries and just curl up and bond. As you are surfing include some bookmarks for Amazon or Chapters and go into the kids section to read up on new releases for kids. Put your favourites on your wish list so you have a head start for birthday gifts or just fun reading times. As you tuck your little one in bed with a book each night you are doing yourself biggggggg favour. It is documented that when you read aloud to your child your blood pressure goes down, you become more relaxed and it is good for YOUR health. Go ahead. Throw away those pills and ingest a good book. Your mind, heart and soul will be glad that you did....and your kids? They will be blessed by your company. Read on.
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