Saturday, March 26, 2011

Have a reading activity time this weekend

Just for fun gather all your newspapers, magazines and flyers from grocery stores and present these to your children with a blank page or booklet, some scissors and glue. Have them thumb through these and find words that they can recognize. Have them read the words, cut them out and then depending on their reading ability paste them on the sheets. If they recognize single words have them cut the word out and paste it on. They can even draw and color an illustration of the word beside it. If they are a more advanced reader, have them cut out words and place them in a sentence or make a little "rebus" story out of them. What is a "rebus" story you ask? Have you read those little books that have text and then insert a picture for one of the words? That is a rebus story. Well you can print some of the words in your own handwriting and then insert one of the cut out words to complete the sentence. Have fun. Make the sentences silly or funny. Read them to each other. Laugh together. Enjoy the reading moment together. Read on..always.
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