Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dressing can be fun...or is it really?

I Wear Mommy's Dress
Charles Waters

I wear Mommy’s dress,
I wear Mommy’s heels,
I wear Mommy’s hats
To feel how Mommy feels …

I wear Mommy’s rings,
I wear Mommy’s purse,
I wear Mommy’s gloves,
I now feel even worse!

©2011 Charles Waters. All rights reserved.

When I read this poem I immediately think of the great series of "Fancy Nancy" books authored by Jane O'Connor. If you haven't picked one up yet you are in for a treat. Nancy is way cool and everything she wears and touches sparkles, ruffles, and is over-the-top flamboyant. She lives with a very plain family and shines like a brightly lit star with her outrageous clothing, jewellery and hairdos. Her heart is tender underneath all the glam and bling and she realizes her family's worth as sometimes her ideas and visions don't quite work out the way she has planned. The art work included in the books is fabulous, the text id witty and the added bonus is Nancy sprinkles her vocabulary with very chic French words. She uses the French to add class and sophistication to her character. You will love these books. Guaranteed. They are a little girl's dream and sometimes a mother's nightmare. Fancy Nancy books ....check them out...and read on.
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