Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My latest book review...Enjoy

Title: Give food a chance: A new view on childhood eating disorders
Author: Dr. Julie O’Toole

This book is perfect for parents who are struggling with a child who has an eating disorder. Dr. O’Toole, a veteran entrenched in these matters, gives sound advice and revelation to those seeking medical help for their child. Her philosophy is that anorexia nervosa, in particular, is a brain disorder not caused by parents or chosen by the child. Her method of treatment involves an intense team of doctors and especially includes family members. They all work intimately together to create a positive force all geared to the health and well being of the child. Doctor O’Toole’s research, well-documented citings, and practical daily experience make her a credible voice in this jungle of theories. Other eating disorders are also chronicled throughout the book such as bulimia nervosa, selective eating, and food phobia. Dr. O’Toole gives a 21st century approach to the diagnoses and management these children critically need. She inspires, encourages and gives hope to families who are seeking medical help for their loved one afflicted by an eating disorder.

I gave this book 5 stars. It was very well written and sure took the guilt and ignominy out of having an eating disorder. Read on.
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