Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ever just want to stay in bed?

Well, here in Mississauga, it is that kind of day. Staying warm, cozy and in your jammies would be my pick for the day. Unfortunately that is not always what we can do. I did get up and padded to the kitchen to make some coffee and when I looked outside at the rain/snow mix sputtering down I felt my bed calling me back to it. I fixed my drink, grabbed my book that I am reading (and nearly finished) and headed...yes, you guessed it...back to my bed! I felt that I was in heaven all safe and snuggled in. Today I blessed myself. It felt so good and so right to just pamper myself on this cold and blustery day. All good things come to an end, sad to say even the great book I was reading got absorbed. My advice to you? Always have something on hand to delve into when you have those times that are deemed "me time." Teach this to your kids. Model the precious and quiet times you can experience when curled up with a good book. Better still, when your little ones wake up tell them to bring a book and hop in bed beside you. The family that reads in bed together, stays together. Happy Sunday and read on.
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