Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Join the club!

Ever belonged to a book club? Too busy to go out and get involved? Well start a book club right in your own home. Have each family member pick a favourite book (good to start with because you have already read it) and share about the book to each of the other family members. You can do this after dinner while at the table, or during a family night together. Yes, I said a family night together! Turn off the t.v. and have every one read their books together. Their might be resistance at first but once you keep family night up it will be a hit. We must train our kids and ourselves to quiet down, not be influenced by technology, perhaps turn on some quiet music for background ambiance and then have a lovely night together. You actually sit in the same room together, read your books together, help the little ones if there is a word problem, or have one member of the family read storybooks out loud so others can enjoy it. Trust me you can develop your book club right in your own home. Your family can take trips to the library together to get books and then go have ice cream aferwards. Try to find opportunities to bless your kids with books. The more you are enthused the more they will be. Oh by the way your family can run a little contest to find the perfect name for your club too! Reading is a very sociable thing to do together. Did you know that on the Titanic there was actually a reading room? Read on.
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