Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Book Review available

I am now posting my recent book review for your consideration. The title of the book is "Bullet Work." It has some adult content (language) so is not recommended for children but late teens and adults are fine. The characters use this language in the proper context and as a part of their environment and upbringing. If you are interested in horse racing and suspense this book is for you. Steve O"Brian has a wonderful moral compass which is embedded in all his storytelling. I enjoyed the book personally but not recommended for children.

Title: Bullet Work
Author: Steve O’Brian

Reviewer: Marilyn Panton

Steve O’Brian is an eloquent writer and a detail man. He opens up the world of horseracing and exposes a side that most readers will never get the privilege to see. He introduces you to the workings and characters on the “backside” of the racetrack. With great precision and execution he unfolds a tale of extortion, greed and even murder. Horses are poisoned, kidnapped, and maimed all in the name of intimidation and mafia-style bullying. The main character, Dan Morgan, a lawyer and owner of the up-and-coming star filly, takes action when his horse is under the radar to be targeted. He is intrigued by and assisted by a lonesome young man named AJ Kaine. AJ has an uncanny connection to the horses and can read their emotions and actions by placing his hands on them. With this unusual gift, he and Dan go after the villains. Together they try to solve this horrific dilemma that overshadows the backside of the track. Full of suspense and mystery, this book clearly has a place in the winner’s circle.
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