Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poetry rules!

Here is a cute, punny/funny poem that I know you will enjoy. Spring is here technically but where is it in the real world? We do not feel the warmth and brightness that spring should be giving us these days. Our poor flowers are frozen like statues out in the garden waiting for the spring thaw to rescue them. Hopefully this weekend we"ll turn a corner, open out curtains, and let the sun shine through. Have a wonderful, blessed Easter weekend with your family.

Mystery Flower
Ralph Fletcher

Originally from Holland,
I’m called the poor man’s rose.

Sunlight makes me open up
but when it rains I close.

I’ll keep your deepest secrets
in a tiny ruby bowl.

These two lips could gossip
but I won't tell a soul.

© Ralph Fletcher. All rights reserved.

Ralph writes with wit, puns, and play on words. He is truly clever.
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