Friday, April 1, 2011

Start your collections now

April is poetry month and the poem is "in". Start to day to collect a variety of poetry to share with your little ones. There are fabulous books out there like Dr. Seuss or Mother Goose to re-open and enjoy with your child. Mem Fox is a winner author who has penned delightful books in that rhyme. Go online and google "poetry for kids" and a huge selection of web sites will appear for you to choose fabulous selections of poems that are unique to your child's delights. Print out a poem a day and put it on your fridge to share and dance to. What a wonderful greeting for your child when they wake up. Include a poem in their lunch bag or tuck one under their pillow at night. I once had a little apron and filled the pockets with poems. I kept it in my kitchen and the kids would go and "Pick the pocket for a poem." Get your kids moving and grooving to the tune of a poem. Poems are usually happy, up-beat and catchy. Try to find some short ones to memorize together. Poetry is fun and excellent for memory retention. I can still remember poems that i memorized in grade school. Our language begs to play with you. Poetry can be a perfect way to interact with words. It enables you to catch the wit, twists, and "life" that rhyming words can produce. Dance your way through April using poetry as your dance partner. Your whole family can get involved.
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