Monday, April 4, 2011

Think about it....

Just returning from a visit to our local Chapter's/Indigo Store. It is packed full of fabulous books that are eye-candy to me. There is every type and genre of book available there and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the enormous inventory. I always take a few minutes to scan the kid's book section and see what new books are available to our children. As I was browsing I saw so many fabulous books on display for Easter. I thought of the thousands of kids that will receive chocolate bunnies/sugary Easter eggs/cupcakes/jellybeans etc. and thought.... how many kids will get a book tucked into their Easter basket this year? A book would be more beneficial than all the sugar and sweetness required to satisfy that holiday event. Try to wean your kids into a book feast instead of a candy extravaganza. Tantalize them with an amazing, rich story. Make them beg for something more satisfying than a sugar high. The books are decked out with glitter, explosive illustrations and packed full of fun and adventure! Give your kids the gift that keeps on giving. Buy a book (or two or three) to add to their baskets this Easter. Then curl up with them and join in their fun! Go ahead indulge yourself as you read on.
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