Thursday, April 28, 2011

Want to have some fun?

A very fun (and clever) thing to do is each night when you pack your child's lunch for school top it off with a "word" card or a little love note from you. It can be the word of the day, even if it is just naming what kind of sandwich or drink you have included. You can write a little sentence,"A tuna sandwich for you made with love." Mom It can just be a one word card "tuna". When you unpack the lunch bag at night have your child read the word and then stick it on your fridge. At the end of the week you can read a wonderful "lunch menu" or your special love notes together. Reading together does not have to occur in a stationary place where you plunk yourself or happen just at bedtime. Find creative times during the day when you can just casually and naturally insert words into your child's life. You can teach him/her that words can be very, very tasty and give them something to munch in fun and creative way. Read on.
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