Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boys n" books part 1

Why is it that so many boys would rather click buttons, kick a ball, chat out of turn, or roughhouse when they are to be quiet, settled and reading a good book? If I could answer that question I would be very, very rich indeed. Boys and girls are totally built differently when it comes to this subject. It's all about their brain. Boys need much more patience and discipline to get them to focus, realize the importance of reading and finally to actually get them to do it. It is our job as parents/teachers to help them find that center of focus and model/show them the value of reading a good book. If your male child is experiencing difficulty in this area be comforted, you are not alone. As the mother of two boys I totally get it. Boys love books that contain a lot of facts, (The Guiness Book of Records, The List Book), atlases (is that a word?), maps, action books,super hero books, sports books, car books. yes even video game books. Get them into books that they are interested in. They also love biographies of the people that they admire. You as a parent need to tap into their interests BIG TIME! Try subscribing to a monthly hockey magazine/ car magazine or video games magazine for their enjoyment. Buy interesting books that marry their interest with text to inspire their reading skills. Find excuses to share personal reading selections together. Don't ever, ever give up on them. Believe in them and tell them always that books are great. Drill that idea into them. Often the light bulb comes on over night and they finally just get it....I pray they get it. Sometimes I have heard when their school years are completed, they are married with a child, curled up on the bedside reading a good night story to their little one, you hear the very words that once came out of your mouth to him. Reading is important. Books are fun. Let's read this book together. He will pass that torch of reading on and be the encourager for the next generation. Read on.
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