Monday, May 9, 2011


May is short story month did you know that? Short stories are great to share and as read alouds. Children struggling with reading especially love short stories as they are a full story plot presented in a brief and sweet manner. Sometimes when kids look at a complete novel and see the sheer size of it they become overwhelmed and discouraged and think that they could never succeed in finishing a book that size. Short stories could be just what the doctor ordered!

To go one step deeper, if your child gets embarrassed or is shy about reading out loud to you have your child read to their favourite pet. Call over Fluffythe cat or Ringo your dog, and have your child curl up beside him/her and read them a beautiful short story. If you do not own a pet then you can make a listening audience out of stuffed animals or a row of old boots/shoes, or some colourful pillows. Just be creative in what you choose build a scene and let it all happen. The stationary listening audience will not criticize your child or make your child repeat words or sound them out. It is a stress free zone and kids love it!

Did you know that there is actually a volunteer programme in the States that brings dogs into the classroom to get kids to read to them. How awesome is that! I would invite them into my class in a heartbeat and watch my students blossom as their reading skills improve. Read on.
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