Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have a quiet, reflective day

Sometimes we take our children's learning for granted. We are quick to complain, point fingers, nd blame when their learning seems inadequate. On this miserable, indoor day let us take some time to be still and maybe recite this prayer on behalf of our kids/teachers/school boards. Prayer does work. Here is a prayer for our schools. We all have got to get involved in teaching our kids to read and become good citizens will impact our community and ultimately our world. Have a great day. Read on.

A Prayer for Schools By: George Pasley

Dear God,
We remember that your Son, our Lord
was once a schoolboy.
He once unrolled a scroll and learned to read
He once stood at Joseph’s elbow,
and learned to guide a plane.
And He once exasperated His mother,
in consequence of His studies
Remembering this,
we know that to share knowledge,
one with another,
is to enter into covenant with what we were meant to do.

And so dear God,
we ask your blessing upon all who teach
and all who learn,
your grace upon all who labour at the task
of sharing knowledge, each generation with another
Bless the parents who tape their children’s lessons
to refrigerator doors,
bless the care-worn citiizens
who gather to cast their vote,
bless the custodians and cooks and secretaries
who make our school hum.
Bless the one who drives the yellow bus,
and the one who puts the Band-aids on.
And bless the teachers, Lord,
that a spark of your joy divine
might brighten every lesson planned.

And most of all, dear God,
bless the children
Let a sense of excitment overtake them
each time they enter through these doors,
let a sense of wonder embrace them
as they pass along these halls
May they discover the collected wisdom of the ages
waiting to meet them at their desks
And may they learn the art of learning
as they toil at their tasks,
so that the wisdom of this age
might linger after class
to greet the children
of ages yet to be.
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