Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Murals anyone?

It has been raining non-stop in Mississauga for it seems like an eternity. Rain can be depressing and is a teacher's worst nightmare (all those indoor recesses). Kids get antsy, wound-up and just plain agitated when they are indoors all the time. This is the exact time to become really creative and find activities that will inspire them and keep them occupied. One thing that is really cool is to get a huge piece of paper (maybe two pieces of white bristol board taped together) and mount them on a wall. Let your kids paint, splash colour, experiment to create a beautiful wall mural. You can also just lay the paper on the floor if you are afraid that your artists may over extend themselves and continue on your freshly painted wall. Make it big, colours bold, "bump the sides" of the paper with colour. When they are done you can label different parts of the picture with word cards - ie "trees", "dog", "my house", "dad" etc. You also can compose a little story about the picture and stick it underneath. A few sentences are great to add too. Kids love to do things big. This project will take time and talent and will create an awesome masterpiece to show off when others come to visit. While your child is exercising his/her artistic talents accompany the activity with some music of choice. Engage them in art. Turn your home into an artist's studio and enjoy. Read on.
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