Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let the garden games begin....

Here is a fabulous book review for your viewing pleasure.

Growing Up Green by Charles E. Majuri, PhD

Awaken the “green gene” in your child by gardening together.

G – green, vibrant gardens are for sharing

A – adults with kids bonding together

R – relationships enhanced while nurturing natural spaces

D – developing knowledge, skills, compassion, and trust

E – everybody planning a little slice of paradise and witnessing

N – nature’s miracle of growth!

This is a motivational little book that will inspire you and your child to discover the treasures buried deep in a garden. It contains year-round ideas and activities that will open a child’s mind to the millions of possibilities found in an ordinary slice of earth. It is simple. It is do-able and most of all can be life changing. A little garden dirt on your jeans will awaken your green genes! Do it.
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